Entrees at NYC Cafe

NYC Cafe Entrees are served with Garlic Bread.
Add Soup or salad $3.00 Substitute Gluten Free Penne Pasta $1.00

  • FETTUCCINE ALFREDO $11.99  – Chicken, Broccoli and Mushrooms

  • CREAMY PESTO $11.99 – Penne Pasta with Alfredo mix with Pesto and Chicken, Spinach, Parmesan

  • SHRIMP SCAMPI 13.99 – Angel hair pasta with Shrimp, Tomatoes,Creamy White Wine Sauce

  • PENNE BLUSH RUSH 11.99 – Chicken with Alfredo & Marinara mix, tomatoes, Mushrooms and Red Onions

  • EGGPLANT PARMESAN 11.99 – Baked Eggplant, light Mozzarella and Marinara sauce

  • EGGPLANT SICILIANO 11.99 – Penne Pasta, Baked Eggplant, Garlic, Marinara and then baked with mozzarella

  • TRADITIONAL LASAGNA 11.99 – Layered Pasta sheets, Mozzarella, and meat sauce

  • CHICKEN PARMESAN 11.99 – Deep Fried Chicken with Penne Pasta and Marinrara and then baked with mozzarella.

  • BAKED ZITI 10.99 – Penne and Meat-sauce or Marinara and then baked with Mozzarella Cheese

  • GYRO PLATE 10.99 – Gyro Meat, served with Basmati rice, Salad, Grilled Tomato and cucumber Yogurt sauce

  • CHICKEN SHISH KABOB PLATE 11.99 – Chicken Breast, served with Basmati rice, salad, grilled Tomato and Cucumber Yogurt sauce

  • SEARED CHICKEN AND VEGGIES 11.99 – Pan Seared Chicken Breast, Seasonal Vegetables with Spinach

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